After your piano has been moved it is best left for 1 to 2 weeks to become accustom to its new environment before being tuned. Changes in temperature and humidity will affect the tune on a piano.

Platinum Piano Relocations offers a piano tuning service. Our tuner has 20+ years of experience tuning, repairing, servicing and restoring upright and grand pianos. Qualified through APTTA ( Australian Piano Tuners & Technicians Association ) Rebecca can do anything from a tune to a full restoration on pianos.

Keeping your piano in tune is important to maintain the strings and pins in the pianos mechanism. Also while the piano is being tuned the tuner will be able to see and feel any problems the piano has or is developing. Preventive maintenance is better than repair.

A piano should be tunes at least every 12 months to keep it sounding great and help keep its pitch from dropping.

Platinum Piano Relocations offers a discount on piano tuning if we move the piano for you.